Important Tips for a Secure Home

"Be smart and stay safe"

• When you are away you should keep some lights on.

• Don't leave ladders outside your home so they're easily accessible to thieves.
• Don't leave a key under your mat or over a doorway outside. These hiding places are too common and thieves will look.

• Keep all shrubs and trees pruned properly. An intruder can hide behind them while attempting to enter your home.

• If you take your car in for service or give keys to a parking lot attendant, don't give him 

keys to your home or business.



• Try not to leave valuables exposed for someone to see if they look inside.

• When service men come to your home, ask for an ID and 

call the company to verify him. This may seem troublesome 

but, it's better to be safe.

• If a strange vehicle is sitting outside your home for a long time, stay inside, call the police and have them investigate.